Why regular drug testing is important in the workplace

Workplace drug testing has become a standard in many organizations. It is a criterion used to identify illegal and prescription drugs in one’s system. Drug testing programs are an essential part of the modern workplace as substance abuse is a significant concern in the workplace. The happiness and health of the employees are vital for the growth and productivity of the company. It is necessary to offer testing programs to all employees, especially during the hiring process. Therefore, in this article, I want to share with you why regular drug testing is important in the workplace.

Drug testing can entail the following:

1. Testing Blood

Blood tests are believed to be a more accurate form of drug testing. The employer can easily detect toxic drugs in the bloodstream. In this case, drugs can only be seen if used recently or in the last 24 hours. Blood samples can measure the illicit substances present in the bloodstream. The samples can easily show the level of toxicity in the employee’s body system. The employer will provide needles required by the employees to draw blood under strict supervision. You can easily book drug testing agencies to carry out the task. For instance, you can book random drug testing in the USA from any laboratory of your choice.

2. Testing Saliva

Saliva or swabs give accurate tests when used appropriately and immediately after the drug use. This test is relatively cheaper and economical. They are the most commonly used test in the workplace. The swab is usually placed in the mouth until it becomes damp. The swab is then taken out of the employee’s mouth, and the saliva sample is tested.

3. Testing Sweat

The body’s perspiration is also used to detect any drug use in the system. In this case, a testing patch is placed under the skin for a long duration to capture any sweat one may have. The patch is usually lined with a protective membrane to ensure no contaminant gets into the sweat. Placing a protective layer is essential because pollutants can interfere with the results. It is convenient because the employer does not have to wait for the sample for long.

4. Testing Urine

The employer provides cups for the employees to fill the urine required for testing. Once the Employees have submitted the urine samples, a test is then conducted. The urine sample usually shows drug use up to around 3 hours to 2 days before the test. The urine sample is not a reliable test as humans need approximately 3 hours to do anything they have ingested in the form of urine. Urine can be a byproduct after metabolism making it inaccurate to test for alcohol as it rapidly withdraws from the system through urine.

Significance of regular drug testing in the workplace:

1. Enhanced Safety

Regular drug testing in the workplace increases safety as employees who work under the influence of drugs can cause accidents and injuries. Injuries are common in worksites that use tools and heavy machinery. Most accidents and injuries result from employees working under the influence of alcohol. Employers need to undertake regular drug testing to ensure the safety of their employees. Employees who work under the influence of drugs should be fired as they can cause accidents that could interfere with their operations.

2. It Helps Reduce the Company’s Liability

Whenever accidents occur on the organization’s property, the business is liable if it has failed to maintain a safe working environment. Regular drug testing significantly protected the company from legal action. The employer can quickly identify any employee who can threaten other employees’ safety due to drug use.

3. It Helps Reduce Turnover

Drug testing helps reduce the company’s turnover rates. Employees under the influence of drugs are likely to change jobs several times annually. There is high retention of employees in organizations that undertake frequent drug tests. The company does not incur the cost of continually recruiting, training, and developing new employees. It is also time-consuming to search for new employees to fill in critical positions left.

4. Increases Productivity in the Organization

Production is the measure of efficiency in the organization. High production rates are experienced in organizations that undertake regular drug testing. Drug-free employees are more productive as there are low chances of injuries and accidents. Workers with drug abuse problems tend to increase absenteeism due to illness, hence low productivity. Employers can easily influence the employees to work best to achieve the overall goals and objectives. Employees under drug influence are more likely to steal from the company, hence lowering the company’s profit margin.

5. Reduces Drug Use Among the Employees

When employees know that regular drug testing is mandatory in the company, they are less likely to engage in drug abuse. Implementing a drug testing policy helps in the reduction of drug use. The employer builds the profile of the company and the welfare of the employees. Employers can also take specific actions against the employers under the influence of drugs. For instance, they were assisting in rehabilitation to overcome their problems. A recovery program from drug abuse can greatly help rehire some employees after recovery.

6. It Helps in Keeping Employees Accountable

When the employer conducts regular drug tests, the employees will become more accountable. They tend to be more responsible in every activity they undertake. They can easily overcome any past drug problems. The employees work under minimal supervision, hence developing trust and ethical culture.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, there are innumerable benefits associated with regular drug testing. The above article clearly illustrates some of these benefits.


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