What features to look for in diabetic socks

Everyone desires to live a healthy life and be with their loved ones for a prolonged time. However, people’s lifestyles are changing, and many are becoming unhealthy. Hence, many are prone to diseases such as diabetes, which occurs because of high blood sugar. It also occurs when your pancreas doesn’t produce a sufficient amount of insulin. In this post, let us look at what features to look for in diabetic socks

Furthermore, they can suffer from various foot problems, and it is essential to protect their feet. That’s when diabetic socks come in handy for many diabetes patients. These diabetic socks are different from your regular socks and allow your feet to be healthy and comfortable. What’s more, they help prevent ulcers, and you can ensure that they are entirely safe to wear.

Diabetic patients experiencing nerve damage and sweaty feet will find them to be beneficial. Although all diabetic patients don’t need to wear these socks, they can be helpful for those suffering from fungal infections and blisters. Some might notice a change in color and temperature on their feet, which means that they must most definitely wear them.

The socks are helpful for patients suffering from gestational diabetes. Also, if you plan on sitting for a longer time and traveling, there is a risk of blood clots and swelling. Since you are well-aware of diabetic socks and their uses, you can read further and learn about the features.

1. Cotton blend fabric

Although 100 per cent cotton material is beneficial, it doesn’t comprise moisture-wicking capabilities. Hence, you must not consider purchasing 100 per cent cotton socks for diabetic patients. After all, they are not appropriate for their feet for various reasons like less durability and their ability to wear out swiftly.

Wearing them can result in skin irritation such as sores and blisters. Hence, socks made out of cotton blend materials are suitable for diabetic patients. But make sure you wear suitable synthetic or cotton blends. Some cotton blend diabetic socks include acrylic, nylon, and rayon with a mix of 60 per cent less cotton blend. When you search online, you will even come across fantastic socks that are not created from cotton blend fabric.

2. Padded soles

If you want to prevent any injuries on your foot, it is a must to have socks with padded soles or extra padding. These socks are created with silicone pads and extra-thick gel or fabric. Well, when you look for padded socks, ensure that they match the activities you do. For instance, if you have to stand for long hours; you will require extra padding on your heel.

What if you prefer exercising and running outdoors? You need to wear diabetic socks with extra padding under the ball of your feet. Sports enthusiasts, particularly patients who enjoy playing soccer or tennis, will benefit from toe padding on their socks.

3. Elasticity

Too much elasticity in the socks can cause them to fall down. It might not appear neat either, especially in places where you have to be presentable. Hence, diabetic patients must get socks with the proper elasticity. For instance, it is recommended to avoid socks with a top elastic feature since it can restrict blood flow and cut off the circulation to the feet. Instead of this feature, you can shop for non-binding and stretchy diabetic socks.

4. White soles

The most significant advantage of wearing socks with white soles is that they help identify a draining wound when it stains them. So, you must try avoiding dark-colored ones and check your feet regularly.

5. Length

Diabetic socks come in different lengths, such as knee and ankle length. You can use them with lower lengths for everyday wear. But if you have some circulatory problems, it is recommended to wear socks of higher length.

Wrapping it up
You can purchase diabetic socks based on the aforementioned features. Also, make sure that you wear a fresh pair daily. It will allow your feet to remain dry and clean at all times. Don’t forget to look out for loose threads and holes in the socks since they can be harmful to diabetic patients.


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