8 Smart kitchen design tips for complete new look

Smart and easy design tips for giving your kitchen a complete mood lift

Your room or kitchen design affects your mood! That’s right. Therefore, most homeowners find it challenging to choose kitchen design ideas that offer improved functionality and inspires joy. But when you blend these two qualities, your kitchen becomes a space you wish to visit the most. Other than cooking food, it also becomes a happy corner of your house where you would spend time yourself or with others relishing a tasty platter. Here are 8 smart kitchen design tips to give your kitchen a new look.

Sometimes, you might feel that your kitchen has succumbed to the monotony of its previous design. Don’t worry, there’s hope. Here are a few ideas to give your kitchen the mood lift you’ve been looking for. Find time to read also list of healthy recipes we must bring back to our kitchen.

1. More colors can bring a mood boost

Apart from aesthetics, your home colors can impact your emotional well-being profoundly. Colors can set your mood instantly. It can invoke a physiological response and convey an emotion subconsciously. For instance, uplifting yellow accents in your kitchen will energize you and brighten your mood. According to a few studies, it can also maximize metabolism.

On the other hand, emerald green shades will bring in a cheerful vibe along with a lavish sophistication. The coastal-inspired teal shades will create a confident and calm mood. Many people consider the seafaring blue a productive shade, both in the office and at home. Hence, you can use it in your kitchen to refresh your mood. Interior décor experts recommend a daring red shade that helps to create a vintage or rustic style kitchen with a sleek contemporary spin.

The black and the reflective finishes can bring a distinct contrast and enhance creativity. Choose the matte black cabinet pulls and team them with an elegant, black kitchen faucet that has a sprayer. You can also get inspired from nature to decide on the color palette. The earthy tones can uplift the mood by connecting you to nature. The positive color palettes will enable you to change the vibe of your kitchen.

2. Clear the waste and garbage

Another smart kitchen design tips is clearing waste and garbage. No kitchen ever looked inspiring with garbage and waste strewn around the countertops and elsewhere. You have to eliminate these as much as possible so that it doesn’t create any visual disruption to the look. Mismanaged waste and garbage can also lead to foul smells, which takes away from a chic feel of your kitchen. You might start feeling unpleasant and drop the idea of renovating the kitchen space.

A complete garbage disposal install kit can help you to manage your garbage effectively and keep the space clean and welcoming.

3. Manage the lighting

The lighting design plays a crucial part in the kitchen décor. According to research, correct lights can enhance emotions and mood. Make the most of the natural lights by adding skylights and windows to welcome natural light. It will have a soothing and calm effect on you. The artificial, harsh light can evoke negative emotions.

If you don’t have natural light sources, there are other choices. You can beef up the light fixtures using advanced LEDs, soft bulbs, and opt-in for under-cabinet lighting. Place mirrors strategically for reflecting natural light, add a task and accent lighting to the prep areas, and include glass front cabinet doors.

4. Upgrade the comfort level

Make the kitchen seating comfortable and stylish. Ensure that there is appealing seating that people find comfortable to use daily. It will also foster happiness and goodwill.

5. Include botanical

Houseplants have several advantages, from popular tropical varieties to petite succulents. It is mood-boosting, air-purifying, and pocket-friendly. It can help to enhance relaxation and add inspiration to the space.

kitchen design tips

Research about the leading non-toxic house plants and invest in the one that looks best to you. Adding greenery to your kitchen will enhance your house’s air quality. Fresh greens also impact the house smell and uplift your mood. Use fresh scents to add to your happy place.

6. Organize and de-clutter

De-cluttering your kitchen will benefit your overall health and mood. You will realize why you like and don’t like certain places when there is correct organization. Hence, fix a time in the month for cleaning and organizing your kitchen. That aside, the stylish storage solutions will impact the general disposition. Proper storage can bring peace of mind. You might want to ask your interior decorator about the best storage solutions for stowing cutting boards, appliances, utensils, trays, microwaves, and digital devices.

7. It should be about you

Ensure that your kitchen design is an extension of who you are! It should reflect you and your lifestyle, instead of fancy designs that get highlighted in the magazines. Kitchen functionality should be a crucial priority. Get speaking with a kitchen décor expert about your kitchen usage from morning to night.

It will help you to arrive at a customized design that has intentional choices that make you clear on what goes where. As you browse through and mull over the décor options, accents, and accessory pieces, choose all that you love. You will be spending each day here. Hence, you should design a space that you would be eager to visit and not get bored with.

Before you redesign your kitchen, take some time to think and visualize the elements that uplift your mood. It will help you narrow down on the décor items, ideas, and accessories you can incorporate into this space to add more verve to it.

8. Focus on efficiency, usability, and long-term use

Add adequate space where you think you need it the most. Imagine a situation where your kitchen timer goes, and you are beside the stovetop. Are you able to access it easily? Is it possible to prepare a meal by using a few steps in one direction? Can you function in this space for another 10 to 15 years?

Have you thought the same about other family members who might be aging or wheelchair-bound? You need to create a kitchen space that is accessible and livable as that will ooze out happiness. Creating an updated kitchen space is an essential investment for the future. Go ahead and plan itcorrectly so that you yield the desired benefits.


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