Lower high blood sugar level by doing these things

One question that people have continually asked both online and offline is what steps should they take to lower their blood sugar quickly. This is besides administering insulin medications, that is. This seems like a difficult question because it has been proven that what works for one diabetic may not be the solution for another. However, i want to some very common things to do to lower high blood sugar level.

The answer is of course should be taken in the proper context. For instance, the situation may be an emergency such as sugar level of over 300 or it may be a situation where you have to start bringing down your sugar levels the next few days. Actions vary according to the situation.

For emergencies, diabetics know that they should take their insulin shots, the dosage depending on the blood sugar test result. In extreme emergencies like having a blood sugar of more than 500, you should go to the hospital immediately. Medical providers can diagnose your situation and can administer different insulin reaction types for your particular situation. If not such a person might collapse, fall into diabetic coma, or worse, die on the spot. This is no joke.

On the other hand, there are also ways to reduce high glucose levels for non-emergency cases. Let us put it this way: high blood sugar level indicates, well, high sugar content in your blood. Therefore, you need to take the excess sugar out of your system. Logical, isn’t it?

There are two practical ways to get rid of that excess sugar. Remember, these are temporary measures. They are not replacements for the regular treatments prescribed by your doctor. 60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar: Simple Steps to Reduce the Carbs, Shed the Weight, and Feel Great Now!

Burn off the sugar

The body burns off sugar with exercise. If you are able, you can do some brisk walking or jog if possible. You can also do some calisthenics, the more movement, and the better. If you are disabled, on either a bed or a wheelchair, just move around your hands (and your legs) if possible. Move it in any manner, in horizontal or circular movements. Keep it up for at least 10 minutes. The longer you exercise, the more sugar it will burn.

Flush out the sugar

Water dilutes the blood and sugar concentration is reduced. Drink two glasses of water and another glass after five minutes. Urinate quickly, as urination will discharge the water out of your body. You can take as much water you can tolerate, and then urinate frequently. This way, your body discharges sugar with your urine.

If your high blood sugar level still does not come down within a few hours of the above temporary measures, seek emergency treatment immediately. If left untreated, high glucose levels or hyperglycemia could cause life-threatening diabetic coma.

There are healthy ways of course of avoiding emergency actions such as the above. You just need to keep your blood sugar within acceptable range. Take your prescribed medication, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet. But just in case, remember the above actions that help lowering your blood sugar quickly.

The human body ordinarily has sugar otherwise called glucose in the blood. The typical measure of glucose supplies the body’s cells and organs with energy. Overabundance glucose is called hyperglycemia. The liver and muscles make some glucose, yet most are gotten from food and beverages that are wealthy in carbs.

To keep glucose levels inside an ordinary reach, the body requires insulin. Insulin is a chemical that makes the body’s cells take up glucose and protect it. If your insulin level isn’t adequate, or the insulin doesn’t work viably, glucose gathers. High glucose levels can prompt medical problems.

In the event that your glucose is excessively high for a really long time, it can cause significant medical conditions. It’s something worth talking about to be cautious about whether or not you have diabetes.

How high is excessively high?

Your PCP will stop for a minute your objective reach ought to be and what to do if your levels aren’t in that reach. In the event that you have diabetes, you’ll need to check your glucose, likewise called glucose, to know whether it’s excessively high, excessively low, or meets your objective. The issues that high glucose can cause occur over the long haul. The sooner you get your levels back in line, the better.

Below are common symptoms of high blood sugar:

• The indications can include:
• Feeling thirstier than expected
• Obscured vision
• Peeing all the more regularly
• Feeling hungrier than ordinary
• Numb or shivering feet

You may likewise feel more drained than expected, get diseases on your skin, or notice that cuts and bruises consume most of the day to mend.

Below are 5 things you ought to do to decrease blood sugar level:

1. Do enough exercises

Customary exercise expands the affectability of insulin and helps your muscles to use glucose viably. This can cause a decrease in glucose levels.

2. Eat Citrus fruits

Albeit most citrus organic products are sweet, studies have shown that they might assist with decreasing glucose levels. Citrus natural products are viewed as low glycemic natural products as they don’t affect glucose as much as different sorts of natural products like watermelon and pineapple.

3. Eat apples

Apples are wealthy in dissolvable fiber and plant compounds, for example, quercetin, chlorogenic corrosive and gallic corrosive, all of which might help decrease glucose and help guide against diabetes.

4. Maintain your weight

Weight the board additionally helps the advancement of solid glucose levels and has been found to assist with decreasing your danger of enduring diabetes.

5. Eat kale

Kale is a super food loaded with mixtures, for example, fiber and falconoid cancer prevention agents that might assist with diminishing your glucose levels.


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