How to stop your anxiety and panic attacks

These days, almost every person on earth suffers from anxiety, on a daily basis. But the difference between your normal everyday stress and anxious moments, and the number of those who suffer from a general anxiety disorder (GAD) is huge. if this is what you are experiencing, there are things you can try at home that will help you out because in this post, I want to share with you, how to reduce anxiety in the moment and panic attacks.

Instead of just shaking off stress and anxiety and getting on with things, those with GAD cannot. They constantly worry and allow themselves to get stressed about all manner of things in a way that is totally out of proportion to their significance. Don’t miss reading caffeine side effects on your body you may not have known.

reduce anxiety and panic attacks
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And many times this is linked to panic attacks which can either be caused by the general anxiety, or, the actual trigger for general anxiety. Panic attacks are triggered when a person’s overall anxiety levels are so high — as with GAD — that they deceive your body system into thinking that is a signal you are in danger. As a result, your body then initiates its defensive response that causes many chemical and hormonal changes to occur during this period.

It is these changes that give rise to the symptoms that you experience during an anxiety attack; e.g. nausea, tightness in chest, trembling, hyperventilation, sweating, numbness or tingling in fingers etc., racing heartbeat, dizziness or lightheadedness, a ‘detached from reality’ feeling, and the worst; a feeling of impending doom.

Your doctor will probably recommend drug-based medications to treat both your general anxiety disorder and your panic attacks. These usually consist of tranquilizers, anti-depressants and even beta-blockers for the physical symptoms. But, as many people know to their cost, they do have some pretty serious side effects.

These days, more and more anxiety sufferers are using anti-anxiety techniques and natural remedies such as listed below:

1. Use herbal remedies

Using herbal remedies to relax and de-stress have a good success record in terms of managing anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Consult your local herbalist about your particular case.

2. Get vitamins and minerals

Are you getting the proper level of vitamins and minerals, etc. in your daily diet? Probably not, because many modern western foods are deficient in some vital vitamins and minerals that are important in controlling anxiety. For example, vitamins A, vitamin B complex, C and E, plus, selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron. Consult a food nutritionist for the best advice.

3. Relaxation exercises

These exercises are proven to help in anxiety and stress relief, and if properly done, they can help reduce high blood pressure, regulate breathing and the metabolism, slow the heart rate and lower adrenaline levels. But relaxation is a skill that you have to learn. There are many therapists to teach you.

4. Practice yoga

Well, this is a great time to start and now is the time you most need to Practicing yoga. Yoga is another skill that you have to learn and practice a lot. But the emotional and physical benefits for someone with general anxiety are immense.

5. Join a self-help group

These can be very beneficial in terms of helping you realize you don’t have to suffer alone in silence. And these groups help you to put things in the perspective whilst releasing your emotions. Additionally, by interacting with, and helping other folks in the same position, you increase your self-esteem and confidence.

There is no doubt that these 5 anti-anxiety techniques and home remedies can be very beneficial, but there are many more that you can utilize, you just need to continue with your search. Hopefully, I have given you a flavor of what is possible.

6. Get rid of your fear

Getting rid of your fear of having another panic attack is very important because this fear can be a conscious or an unconscious fear, this will impart upon your general anxiety levels and often triggers an attack because as a result. This then increases your fear and anxiety levels even more, i.e. a vicious cycle of anxiety that needs to be broken for a complete anxiety cure.


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