10 Proven tips to prevent prostate cancer

Are you aware that in the United States alone, it is estimated that more than twenty eight thousand men die from prostate cancer yearly? However, for the sake of early detection, most men that are diagnosed with this type malignancy have a survival rate of almost ninety eight percent. Prostate cancer had always affected some men who are in their middle or old ages, below are tested/proven ways to prevent prostate cancer. Don’t miss getting this book: 100 Questions and Answers About Prostate Cancer HERE.

Although it is extremely rare for prostate cancer can occur in men under the age of fifty. But when it occurs under age 50 some medical experts feel it may be related to DNA genes from the family or an abnormal problem with the testosterone hormone. The fact that it is a rare occurrence in men under 50, this does not mean that you cannot start preparing yourself to fight off prostrate illness early in your life.

As at present, no studies have found a direct link from smoking to prostate cancer though; but it is believed it can have adverse affect on the DNA of the malignant growth causing it to spread more rapidly through the prostrate and into other parts of the body.

1. Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

They help to flush out the toxins which gather in your body and which may cause abnormal growth of cells in your prostate. This is because fruits and vegetables contain fibers that help to empty toxic properties in the cells.

2. Cut Down on Red Meat

Instead, you should eat lots of fish. Omega-3 fatty acids are sourced from some kinds of fish. These substances help to reduce the appearance of cancer cells in the body. According to a US journal of clinical cancer Research, a publication was made which states that eating oily fish could reverse inherited prostate cancer genes.

3. Eat Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very rich in a substance known as Lycopene. This substance is an anti-oxidant agent that gets rid of free radicals in the cells. The growth of cancer cells in the body are caused by some free radicals.

4. Lose Weight

Getting weight loss as much as possible in your quest to tackle prostate cancer is a must. It is very important to understand that excess weight is not good for your overall health and this might somewhat increase your chances of developing the condition. Though this hasn’t been proven; it’s just a general good idea to cut down on your weight.

5. Regular s3x

Frequent love making for couples helps. According to some research findings, men who constantly make love with their partner have lower chances of suffering from this disease.

Men should take this message as an important one for the benefit of their health.

6. Avoid Excess smoking

Not only can smoking speed up the spread of cancer cells throughout your body it also causes major damage to your entire respiratory system. This can lead to problems with your immune system, which is a major contributor for preventing any disease, much less cancer.

7. Eat healthy

Other studies have shown that a healthy diet can also decrease the odds of the early beginning of cancer of the prostate and its severity. Foods that are high in fiber and the natural vitamins required by your body have been shown to be very helpful in keeping your body healthy. Furthermore your immune system boosted with this type of diet.

8. Exercise more

Each time you talk about dieting you are invariably led to the subject of exercise. Some of the other studies have shown that a sedate life style leads to a lowering of the body’s natural defense system. Exercise has been shown to help the immune system to work at top proficiency. So not only will you help your prostrate, but again lower the odds of contracting other life threatening diseases.

9. Get enough sleep

Stress and a hectic lifestyle and manifest in health problems and symptoms. Your body needs enough sleeping time for proper functioning and cell repair.

Proper care of your body, including diet and exercise, will help improve your circulation, digestion and waste removal functions. Strengthening your immune system helps your body battle invasive diseases, like prostate cancer. There is no quick fix, but a healthy lifestyle commitment will minimize your chances of getting prostate cancer.

10. Regular medical check-up

Detecting early enough is the absolute key to increasing the survival rate for cancer victims, prostrate or otherwise. One of the common recommendations by experts is to have the first PSA sample taken around age 40. However, there is a good deal of controversy over this recommendation. While those for it have said it will give a record for comparison as the person ages.

Now we need to give you another tip. No matter the ideology of your doctor, it is still important for you to discuss your concerns with him. The tips provided in this article on prostate cancer are for information purposes only.

Although prostate cancer can be a life threatening disease, with the proper medical treatment and lifestyle changes, the chances of prostate cancer being the actual cause of your death are small.


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