CBD Vape: 3 Reasons why It’s catching on

CBD vape is the latest trend in health and wellness. While CBD is finally being recognized for its many soothing properties, vaping is still considered a bad boy habit. But both CBD and e-cigarettes are relatively new. Even though they have moved on from their experimental stage, they are yet to be thoroughly studied.

Because we usually fear what we don’t know, the public remains somewhat unwelcoming towards vaping. At the same time, CBD is being legalized all over.

Who do you listen to, then? Is CBD vape good or bad?

Here’s everything you need to know about them, including why CBD vape is catching on:

Vaping Is the Best Alternative to Smoking

There’s one thing not even the conservative public cannot deny, though — CBD vape is the best possible alternative to smoking.

Cigarettes have been around for a long, long time. Because they’ve been okayed by some of the most successful marketing agencies in the history of advertising, smoking is still considered normal. In reality, it’s probably the worst, most addictive, and deadliest habit.

Smoking affects every major organ in the body, not just the lungs. It causes cancer and different lung diseases and strokes, heart diseases, diabetes, and chronic bronchitis. The potential for any other health condition is worsened by cigarettes, too.

Every year, cigarettes kill more than 8 million people.

Somehow still, it’s e-cigarettes that continue to receive most of the bad press.

In an attempt to shut at least some of it down, several acclaimed scientists from the tobacco control field, including 15 past presidents of SRNT, have recently published an important paper in the American Journal of Public Health.

According to the paper, “vaping diverts more young people from smoking than encourages them to smoke.” This is likely true.

Other researches shows that 4 in 5 people who smoke intend to quit. Many turn to e-cigarettes as the closest alternative to the real thing. Even though vaping has a couple of cons of its own, it’s nowhere near as bad for our health as tobacco.

A tobacco cigarette contains some 7000 compounds, at least 250 of which are potentially dangerous to health, and another 69 are provenly cancerous.

On the other hand, E-cigarettes boast no more than a handful of chemicals. Of course, there is some danger to inhaling them, but the risk is still tiny compared to tobacco. While both variants include nicotine, e-cigs don’t rely on a flame to burn it.

This is very important. It’s combustion that produces the most harmful compounds in tobacco cigarettes, making them so poisonous and cancerous—unlike regular cigarettes, vaping offers combustion-free smoking and zero toxic chemical reactions.

And now, you can also vape without inhaling nicotine at all.

CBD Boasts Many Amazing Health Benefits

cbd vape pens for anxiety

Everything that nicotine is doing wrong, CBD is doing right.

CBD is extracted from the plants of the Cannabis sativa family, primarily cannabis and hemp. It’s one of the two main ingredients in marijuana, but that’s not a reason to worry. CBD is responsible for pain relief and stress management, even in a joint. Don’t miss reading Can CBD Hemp Capsules Help To Reduce Cancer Pain?

Without THC, the second main ingredient in marijuana, CBD can’t make anyone high.

Separated from its psychoactive partner, CBD boasts all the incredible benefits of smoking marijuana, only without any brain fog and other neural disturbances. It communicates with the receptors in the human endocannabinoid system, creating homeostasis.

The following health benefits of CBD have all been scientifically proven:

• CBD wards off mental health issues such as depression and anxiety;
• CBD is successful in alleviating ALS and arthritic symptoms;
• CBD can be used as an effective treatment for opioid addiction;
• CBD could be of great help for patients diagnosed with diabetes;
• CBD is a helpful tool in decreasing major symptoms of PTSD;
• CBD elevates acute pain and successfully manages chronic pain.

In addition to good mood and general health, these benefits are available to smokers who decide to quit cigarettes by switching to CBD vaping. Most quitters choose it as an alternative to nicotine, but many of them continue to vape after they’ve cured the addiction.

It’s important to note that, unlike nicotine, CBD is not addictive.

The only addictive ingredient in marijuana is THC. Only THC communicates with the receptors in the brain that affect hormonal balance and inhibition control. According to the latest research, CBD can contribute to inhibition control and curb addiction.

The Times Are Finally Catching Up with Vape

Even though CBD vape can not harm your health or make you addicted, scientists are still fighting to prove its innocence. Many must constantly remind the public that the tobacco industry is a business worth almost a trillion dollars to justify its bad press.

E-cigarettes are connected to isolated lung disease and heart attack cases now and then. In all of these cases, forensics have shown that the culprit in question came from the black market, where neither e-cigs nor CBD are tested and labeled properly.

Luckily, the times are finally catching up with CBD.

Now legalized under federal law, CBD is no longer taboo. At last, this gives scientists greater freedom for conducting research and speaking in favor of CBD vaping.

Someday soon, we’ll have a winning argument. And until vaping is provenly better than cigarettes, we can continue to spread the countless testimonies of former smokers.


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