Can Consuming Kratom Vape Be Counted Against Doping Guidelines?

Most people consider Kratom a miracle drug extracted from plants native to Indonesia, Thailand, and other south Asian tropical countries. Many varieties of Kratom are derived from the plant Mitragyna speciosa, and the most prominent ones are the red, green, and white vein Kratom. Maeng Da and Green vein Thai kratom are a few varieties that athletes and sportspersons extensively use to enhance their careers. One can consume it in the form of kratom vape, capsules, and more. Don’t miss reading Can CBD Hemp Capsules Help To Reduce Cancer Pain?

Why Is Kratom So Popular Among Sports people?

Kratom is popular amongst sportspeople due to its extensive pain-relieving properties and its ability to boost energy levels in the body. Many athletes consume this as a pre-workout supplement as it drastically improves one’s workout experience. However, despite having various benefits, Kratom faces severe backlash in many countries in terms of its legality. Many nations refuse to make the consumption of Kratom legal since it is a psychoactive drug. If consumed in excess, it can have many harmful effects (euphoria and sedation) on the human body.

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Despite such polarizing views on the consumption of red kratom, the reason why this drug is still so popular and in demand is due to the various health benefits it offers to people in different occupations, including sports.

Benefits Of Kratom For Sportspeople

● Boosts Energy Levels:
White vein varieties of Kratom are particularly famous for boosting one’s energy levels before a workout or sport. Popularly used varieties are White Maeng Da, White Thai Kratom, and more strains.

● Pain Relief:
People often use Kratom for its brilliant analgesic properties. It helps increase blood flow and oxygen supply to the muscles, thereby decreasing the chance of fatigue. Due to this reason, many athletes consider it an excellent post-workout supplement.

● Appetite Control:
Kratom acts on the satiety center in the brain and regulates food intake.

● Immunity Booster:
Kratom is an excellent antioxidant that helps in detoxifying the body, thereby boosting one’s immune power.

Many people also use Kratom to fight opioid addiction, but few doctors claim it is not a safe substitute since there is a risk of growing dependent on Kratom. However, on the other side, many countries in south-east Asia have been using Kratom since time immemorial for its analgesic properties. It is part of their daily routine to consume Kratom tea to boost their spirits.

Another concern that has shown up recently is how Kratom is viewed under the doping guidelines. Hence, there has always been a controversy about the legal status of Kratom in different countries. Since few countries consider it illegal to consume Kratom, is it advisable for sportspeople to continue using it? Will their career be affected if they indulge in Kratom products? We shall discuss more along these lines in this article.

consuming kratom vape cbd, good as gold kratom uice

What Is Doping?

Doping is the consumption of illegal drugs by sportspeople to improve their performance. Doping is severely prohibited globally since it provides an unfair advantage to the consumer and reduces the opportunities of other contestants who come to win a fair game. Moreover, these drugs also negatively impact one’s health over a period. Cannabinoids are the most commonly abused drugs by sportspeople to assist their sports career.

What Is The World Anti-Doping Code?

The world anti-doping code is a document that contains the rules and regulations regarding anti-doping for sports people worldwide. This code keeps changing from time to time to keep up with its relevance in modern times. Around 700 world sports organizations have accepted this code, including the International Olympic Committee. One of the rules of this document is to refrain from the consumption of prohibited drugs in any form.

Does The WADA Ban Kratom?

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) does not contain Kratom in its list of prohibited substances. The United States Anti-Doping Agency also failed to classify Kratom as a hard drug. Hence, it is considered legal to vape Kratom. The WADA had monitored Kratom and its effects on humans for several years until 2018. Although it is not on the prohibited substances list, many people recommend steering clear of this drug as it might cause long-term health defects. However, using dietary supplements containing Kratom as an ingredient is considered illegal since the law prohibits it as they are deemed adulterated.

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Endorsement Of Kratom By Sportspersons

Many sports stars and athletes actively use Kratom to enhance their careers. Jessamyn Duke, a well-known MMA fighter, has collaborated with an online Kratom retailer. Many other sportspeople like Dorian Yates, Anthony Roberts, Mike Tyson, and Seth Rogen have always spoken about these drugs in the media. Kratom had seen a significant increase in its popularity post these incidents.

Why Do People Warn Against The Use Of Kratom?

When used in excess, Kratom can cause hallucinogenic and euphoric effects in the consumer. Hence, the consumer needs to ensure they use the correct dosage and variety of Kratom to battle their health issues. Kratom is also often misused for recreational purposes. Sometimes, people might get addicted to the temporary feelings of wellbeing Kratom provides and might experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop consuming it. Some of the long-term effects of prolonged Kratom use are anorexia, hair loss, sleep problems, pigmentation, and more.

Since there is no concrete evidence against Kratom and its potential to act as deleteriously as other hard drugs such as heroin, and cannabinoid, it is legal to consume it. However, different countries have different federal laws and state laws that prohibit the selling and consumption of Kratom. This article served its purpose as a kratom strains guide. If one lives in a country that does not permit the consumption of Kratom, one will not be permitted to consume Kratom in any form. Irrespective of its legal status, there is still much debate regarding the safety of this product. Hence, before indulging in Kratom, is it always advisable to talk to your clinician and get a clear idea about the benefits and cons of vaping Kratom. Moreover, before entering any competition, it is advisable to know all the rules and regulations of the competition and check for the prohibited substances list.


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