11 Health Benefits of Chromolaena Odorata Leaves

Amazing health benefits of Awolowo Leaves (Siam Weeds)

Siam weed Leaves which is scientifically called Chromolaena odorata has some other common names wherever it is found in other parts of the world, such names as Awolowo Leaves, Triffed weeds, Camphor Grass, Bitter bush/Jack in the bush, Pokok kapal terbang or aeroplane plant and Pokok Jerman is one of those weeds/plants that few people know about its potency and extreme health benefits to mankind. In this post, I will be unveiling to you the top 11 health benefits of Chromolaena odorata leaves.

Be reminded that Chromolaena odorata plant was first discovered in Nigeria in the year 1960, shortly after the country gained independence, and it was named Awolowo. Please be informed that i will be using the two names Siam weed and Chromolaena odorata in this article.

Because of the circumstances surrounding its discovery, people began to attribute supernatural qualities to the plant. This viewpoint is bolstered by the plant’s numerous health benefits. Few people would recognize this plant, which has small, green triangular leaves and a soft stem, but those who are familiar with it are aware of what it can be used for, primarily as an herb, and how well it works.

This plant is used by many Nigerian farmers and agriculturists. This is due to its use as a soil fertility improvement plant as well as a fallow species in Nigeria’s slash and burns rotation system of agriculture.

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Chromolaena odorata leaves have carbohydrates, protein, lipid, fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, as well as flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins, saponins, and other nutrients. Simply by looking at that, one can tell that the plant has a lot to offer the body. A 2007 study on the phytochemical constituents and antioxidant properties of extracts from the leaves of Siam weed revealed that it contained numerous compounds indicating that it possessed a wide range of medicinal properties.

The Chromolaena odorata leaves that was used for the experiment that gave the results were collected fresh, sundried for four days, milled and stored in jute bags before incorporation into the layers. Below are the proximate compositions of Chromolaena odorata leaf.

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Chromolaena odorata leaf nutrient composition:

• Dry matter: 87.4
• Crude protein: 18.7
• Crude fibre: 11.7
• Ether extract: 1.01
• Ash: 3.63
• Nitrogen free extractives: 65.0
• Gross energy, kcal/g: 3.73

Below are Health Advantages of Siam Weed:


1. Aids in Clotting

Another amazing advantage of Chromolaena odorata leaves is that it is a powerful clotting agent that can help to stop bleeding in a short period. As a result, it is frequently used as a form of local first aid. Simply rubbing the leaves on fresh injuries and wounds would stop the bleeding and sterilize the wound. Many medical studies have confirmed Siam weed’s wound-healing abilities.

2. Lowers cholesterol levels

High cholesterol levels in the body are extremely harmful and can lead to heart disease. Boiling Chromolaena odorata leaves in water and drinking it is a sure-fire way to lower your cholesterol levels. A rat study found that an aqueous extract of Chromolaena odorata leaves had an anti-cholesterolemic effect. According to the findings, Chromolaena odorata leaves may be beneficial in lowering cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular complications.

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3. Lowers blood pressure

Another health benefits of Chromolaena odorata leaves is that they lower blood pressure and aids in the maintenance of a healthy balance. This makes it extremely beneficial to hypertensive patients.

4. Promotes healthy heart

Chromolaena odorata leaves also help to keep your heart healthy by preventing a variety of heart diseases. Including Chromolaena odorata leaves in your diet can help to protect and maintain the health of your heart.

5. Cures Diabetes

Those with diabetes can benefit from Chromolaena odorata leaves as it helps to reduce blood sugar levels, allowing them to cope with their condition better. It can also be taken by those looking for a way to prevent diabetes. One study on streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats suggested that extract of Siam weed can help in reducing glucose, HOMA, lipid profiles. As well as significantly improving glucose and insulin tolerance, glycogen content, glucose uptake by skeletal muscle, serum insulin and HDL-c levels.

6. Prevent Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the diseases that are very dangerous for women. To prevent yourself from developing the disease, you can drink the Chromolaena odorata tea.

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7. Good for female organ

Chromolaena odorata is been proven to help maintain the health of reproduction organ on women. The health of reproduction organs is one of the very important things that need to be aware of. To maintain the health of it, you can drink the Chromolaena odorata brewed water.

8. Cures Vertigo

Vertigo is one of the diseases that cannot be underestimated. This disease can not only send you to hospital but can also cause death.

You can cure the disease by drinking the Chromolaena odorata brewed water when your Chromolaena odorata is relapsing. Read alsoHealth Benefits of Alligator pepper you never knew

9. Good for Stomach’s Health

The nutrition contents in Chromolaena odorata leaves are very good for those of you who suffer stomach-related diseases or nuisances.

This plant can be used as an organic fertilizer, biopesticide, and traditional medicine. These benefits of Chromolaena odorata exists because of the nutrients and substances inside the plant itself.

10. Alleviate pain

Chromolaena odorata leaves can also be used to relieve pain in the body. You can drink its juice to get relief from internal body pain, such as back pain. Crushing the leaves and rubbing them on the affected area can also be used as an analgesic for joint pain.

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11. Cures Ulcers

Another health benefit of Chromolaena odorata leaves is that they can aid in the treatment of ulcers by killing Helicobacter Pylori, a bacterium that causes ulcers. It also reduces the likelihood of relapse.

There are numerous other health benefits of Chromolaena odorata leaves such as containing the followings: ethnopharmacological, fungicidal, and nematicidal properties, according to reports. Because it has pharmacological activity against uropathogenic, Siam weed can also be used to treat urinary tract infections.


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